How has the role of the IT leader changed in current times?

By James Lawrence - extract from #PTK Pass the Knowledge

IT leaders have never been more essential to the success of any organisation – or had more demands heaped upon their shoulders. So how is the role changing? And what are the skills required to step up to the challenge?

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Cranfield refreshes its general management portfolio

By Elizabeth Beales


At Cranfield School of Management we have recently refreshed our popular portfolio of general management programmes to meet clients’ changing needs. Watch the video below as Camilla Jonsson, General Management Portfolio Director, describes the recent changes...

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Executive education refreshed

By Peter Chadwick - CEO, IEDP Developing Leaders

Cranfield School of Management, a pioneer in executive education for over 40 years, has recently refreshed its popular portfolio of general management programmes to reflect the learning priorities of client organisations and potential participants today.

Camilla Jonsson, General Management Portfolio Director, describes how Cranfield has shaped its general management portfolio to meet clients’ changing needs...

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7 steps to retaining talent

By Cranfield School of Management

An organisation can’t function without its people, so retaining talented employees is essential to its success.

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In defence of the Levy

By Professor Lynette Ryals

The Reform think-tank report – claiming the use of the Apprenticeship Levy for higher qualifications is a “mislabelling” of courses – feels like an outsider’s view, remote from the realities of business needs.

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What does the future hold for Generation Alpha?

By Professor Joe Nellis

We’ve become used to the trials and tribulations of Generations X, Y and Z as employees and consumers. But that’s nothing compared with the impact to come from Generation Alpha (children born since 2010). They will be something else.

More than 2.5 million Alphas are born every week and by 2025 there will be almost two billion of them. Born to digital technology like it’s a fifth element of nature, Alphas will be the wealthiest, the most intensely educated and most dynamic generation that...

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Executive development... are you getting the most out of your investment? Using strategic group projects

By Lester Coupland

When assessing return on investment with regard to executive leadership development there are some key questions to consider including: 

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Women on Boards: progress but there are too few women on boards

By Kassia Gardner

There has been an increase in the number of women being appointed to FTSE 100 boards but few women are fulfilling senior roles on those boards. That’s the findings of this year’s Female FTSE Report, by academics at Cranfield School of Management and Exeter University Business School, sponsored by Aviva and the Government Equalities Office.

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