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Executive Education in a Future World

In the months before the COVID pandemic hit, many organizations were confronting the skills shift needed to thrive in a...

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Executive Development: Opening the black box to manage the process

I first entered the arena of executive development in 2006. At that time business schools were promoting the importance of...

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Sales growth in times of Covid-19

Sales and trade operations have been distorted with suppliers and customers unable to interact. Sales leaders need to consider...

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Video: The essence of Leadership in the 21st century

Who is the 21st century cutting-edge employee? Cranfield School of Management Associate, Onyi Anyado explores the importance...

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The future of leadership development in the changing world

As we try to imagine our organisations post-pandemic, business leaders know that they will need to acquire new management...

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From problem child to the leaders of the future: how to manage Millennials

Lazy. Entitled. Snowflakes. Just some of the words frequently used to describe a generation labelled the “Millennials”. If...

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Reconnecting after the lockdown

After months of lockdown, many leaders will be eager to get their working environments quickly back onto an even keel. First,...

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Leadership and Vision for a Better Future: Cherishing the Silver Lining from a Human Tragedy

The response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been described in military terms – a war on the virus, fought bravely by front line...

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Just be you
By Dr Diana Theodores On August 18, 2020

Just be you

Using her background in performing arts, leadership expert Dr Diana Theodores encourages women to engage with their 'unique...

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