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2020 Leadership Lessons for 2021

As we approach the Christmas break and the lead into the New Year, we often take this time to reflect upon the past year. For...

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Leadership Acts and Moments of Engagement

An act repeated becomes an activity, which becomes a practice and then an embedded cultural norm. Acts that are co-created and...

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From ‘Doing’ Leadership Online, to ‘Being’ an Online Leader: How to Achieve Deeper Learning Levels in the Emerging Reality

In partnership with the IEDP, we welcome Mark Threlfall and Camilla Jonsson of Cranfield School of Management for a virtual...

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A renewed focus on management: The Cranfield Perspective

As the pandemic forces strategic shifts across all sectors, the role of core managers in strategy implementation has never...

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Executive Education in a Future World

In the months before the COVID pandemic hit, many organizations were confronting the skills shift needed to thrive in a...

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Executive Development: Opening the black box to manage the process

I first entered the arena of executive development in 2006. At that time business schools were promoting the importance of...

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Sales growth in times of Covid-19

Sales and trade operations have been distorted with suppliers and customers unable to interact. Sales leaders need to consider...

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Video: The essence of Leadership in the 21st century

Who is the 21st century cutting-edge employee? Cranfield School of Management Associate, Onyi Anyado explores the importance...

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The future of leadership development in the changing world

As we try to imagine our organisations post-pandemic, business leaders know that they will need to acquire new management...

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