What’s bigger than business?

By Scotty Johnson

A generation ago when successful people reached the top of their business they were eyeing retirement. Golf and spa retreats. Now we’re working longer and reaching senior positions earlier in our lives, that’s not looking very attractive.

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Why traditional leadership development for senior leaders doesn’t work

By Mark Threlfall

Standard leadership development programmes stay above the shoulders, and that’s the problem. They’re often focused primarily on the cognitive and a hard set of frameworks and matrices. People are loaded up with content and sent back into the boardroom, groggy from the weight of it.

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Elephants & Performance Measurement and Management

By Pippa Bourne

“Performance measurement is really all about finance. Right?”  Someone said this to me recently at a meeting I attended and it made me cringe.

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World Class Key Account Planning

By Dr. Sue Holt

As the late great Sir John Harvey Jones said:

“Planning is an unnatural process; it is much more fun to do something. And the nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression”.

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Supply Chain Innovations

By Dr Soroosh Saghiri
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Financial Judgements in the Boardroom

By Professor Ruth Bender

Few directors are financial experts, but all directors have to make judgements on the financial figures presented to them in the boardroom. To do that, you need some financial knowledge and a lot of business knowledge.

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Key Account Management and Procurement

By Mark Davies

Mark Davies, visiting fellow at Cranfield, conveys how important is it for key account managers to develop relationships with procurement managers within the customer organisation and, in doing so, gain crucial understanding of their procurement. Capturing the numerical value you, as a supplier, bring to the customer is also a key enabler in negotiations.

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Make strategy that's powered by ethos

By Dr Dominik Heil

Stepping up to being CEO, or any strategic role for that matter, is daunting and disorienting. Suddenly the organisation that looked straightforward enough when it came to running routine tasks and deliverables becomes a confusing mystery.

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"Warm a heart"​ - Are your organisational values making an impact?

By David Deegan


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Crafting a Value-Creating Sales Strategy

By Dr Javier Marcos

Creating customer value is the core mission of marketing and sales organisations. To ensure your sales strategy creates sustainable customer value, ensure your strategy is underpinned by the following value co-creation principles.

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