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I discovered that it's not my job to make friends or keep the peace - my job is to grow the business
For Katie Burgum, making her voice heard was an important goal as she transitioned from being part of the team to leading the...

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From theatre director to the corporate world – business lessons from the stage

Great performances make me want to jump from my seat and applaud. They make me feel more awake, more passionate, more motivated,...

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Key Practices of Presence

Presence is about being present

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Make strategy that's powered by ethos

Stepping up to being CEO, or any strategic role for that matter, is daunting and disorienting. Suddenly the organisation that...

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How to unlock hidden high performance

Large scale organisations are all around us, having such a profound influence on our lives, and yet, they aren’t what we think...

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Developing Impactful Career Transitions: Launch Event Review

In February 2019, we invited HR and L&D professionals responsible for investing in the development of their organisations' high...

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The Challenge of Business is the Business of Theatre
The pioneering management guru Charles Handy once said “If you want to be successful in business think theatre.” Enter Theatre 4...
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Executive development... are you getting the most out of your investment? Using strategic group projects

When assessing return on investment with regard to executive leadership development there are some key questions to consider...

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5 Keys to executive presence

Presence begins the moment you walk into a room and remains long after you’ve left, but developing presence isn’t a happy...

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