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Apprenticeship Levy readiness checklist
Is your organisation ready to build an Apprenticeship Levy leadership pathway?

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Stop Fixing and Start Listening

Whether you know it or not, you and your team are smack in the middle of grieving. Covid-19 has put a violent full stop in all...

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It’s time to sack your coach too!

So there might appear to be a theme here given the topic of our last blog (sack your mentor blog), but actually the intent is...

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From theatre director to the corporate world – business lessons from the stage

Great performances make me want to jump from my seat and applaud. They make me feel more awake, more passionate, more...

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It’s time to sack your mentor

We are all witnessing enormous changes to the world that we work in through the impact of COVID-19. It is way too early to...

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Lessons for Leaders

“An unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates

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The power of the self–aware leader

Senior executives - whether they’re long established or new to the business, heading up the whole organisation or a single...

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Cranfield refreshes its general management portfolio


At Cranfield School of Management we have recently refreshed our popular portfolio of general management programmes to meet...

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Executive education refreshed

Cranfield School of Management, a pioneer in executive education for over 40 years, has recently refreshed its popular...

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