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Infographic | Supply Chain Resilience
This learning tool maps some of the toughest challenges facing logistics leaders today and some of the latest solutions available.

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Tags: logistics and supply chain, infographic

Webinar | Supply Chain Disruption: From the back office to the boardroom
Join talent leaders and executives from organisations around the globe to dig into some of the thorniest challenges facing supply...

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Tags: webinar, logistics and supply chain

A renewed focus on management: The Cranfield Perspective

As the pandemic forces strategic shifts across all sectors, the role of core managers in strategy implementation has never been...

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Tags: leadership, article, logistics and supply chain

5 ways to prepare your supply chain for a post Covid-19 world now

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the nature of global supply chains into sharp relief: how free and open movement of goods and...

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Tags: organisational resilience, article, logistics and supply chain

Rethinking the economy in times of crises
After a first week in which many economies across the globe have come to a halt, most of us realise that at least for the near...

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Tags: sustainability, article, logistics and supply chain

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