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Developing Impactful Career Transitions: Launch Event Review

By Cranfield School of Management

In February 2019, we invited HR and L&D professionals responsible for investing in the development of their organisations' high potential employees to join us at Chelsea Football Club to explore Cranfield's new General Management portfolio, meet our tutors, and learn how to align the different development pathways with the specific needs and challenges embedded within their own organisational context. 


Peter Chadwick of IEDP Developing Leaders joined us for the day to give an overview of the session...



The Brexit impasse far from holding UK business back from the critical task of developing leadership potential seems to be intensifying it – if a recent event at Chelsea Football Club is anything to go by. 

Attended by 50 delegates from a range of UK companies and not-for-profits, some seeking personal development but the majority L&D professionals considering opportunities for their organisations, this lively event launched four new leadership programmes to be delivered by Cranfield School of Management during 2019 and beyond. 

An innovator in the evolution of executive education for over 40 years, Cranfield School of Management has designed this refreshed portfolio of programmes to embrace a complete move away from ‘chalk and talk’ towards experiential learning or ‘learning by doing’ – while at the same time enhancing knowledge and awareness
development needs through the use of technology and personal development through sophisticated coaching.

Experimental learning

The Chelsea event emphasised how Cranfield’s new portfolio of programmes, by stressing immersive and experiential learning, ensures new theoretical knowledge is applied and immediately relevant to the real world, so that the learning experience has a long-term impact not only for the individual but for the organisation too. This is underpinned by Cranfield’s commitment to following up and working with client organisations to support programme participants in bringing new ideas and new practices that have a direct positive impact in their workplaces.


Download the article to read Peter's review in full and discover how you can use Cranfield's refreshed General Management portfolio within your organisation to ensure impactful career transitions. 

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