Developing Strategic Negotiation Skills and Capability: An integrated approach

By Javier Marcos Cuevas


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To Inspire and Influence Think Perform, not Inform

By Dr Diana Theodores


If you want to inspire and influence people then take a tip from the pioneering management guru Charles Handy who once said, “to be successful in business think theatre.”

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Why new leaders need initiation rites

By Andy Logan


When managers step up into leadership it’s often an ‭underwhelming moment in the life of an organisation: a promotion ‭earned through years of service, an excellent new recruit brought ‭in, the boxes ticked.‭ They haven’t had the chance to turn themselves into leaders. 

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Developing Leadership Power: Being a good leader in this age of distrust

By Dr Jacquie Drake


Trust used to come with a senior job title. It was part of the ordinarypackage like a salary and pension. But trust in the authority of businessleaders has eroded and keeps on eroding – just as it has for othertraditional pillars like the bank manager, the headteacher and the policechief – to a point where creating and keeping hold of trust has becomeone of the biggest challenges for both new and established leaders. Whyis it so important? Because leadership depends on relationships and...

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It's not all about the money: Why the key to business performance is not to over-emphasise the financials

By professor mike bourne


Where to focus their attention is an important strategic issue for companies, and one that needs active consideration. Are you in danger of over-emphasising the financials? That is a contentious issue given today’s economic climate; how can we possibly over-emphasise the financials – particularly in the current situation? Companies have a duty to ensure their survival and thus have to take the necessary steps to make their business robust, especially in the climate most organisations...

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Cranfield FTSE report highlights female under representation in executive ranks

By Cranfield School of Management

A report by Cranfield School of Management has criticised the lack of progress in improving gender diversity at the highest executive echelons of FTSE 350 companies. Despite progress in female representation on non-executive board positions, the report identifies the lack of women in executive roles on boards of the UK’s leading companies.

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Personal Transformation for Leaders: Reflections from a guest tutor on The Praxis PTFL programme

By Hugh Lloyd-Jukes


Hugh Lloyd-Jukes was a Guest Tutor on the April/October 2014 PTFL.  Hugh is CEO of Oxehealth, a leading UK digital health business, and a serial entrepreneur.

Before you read any further, google “personal transformation”. 

If you have an extra minute, try “transformational change” and “transformational leadership”.

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How can we develop women leaders in aviation?

By Antonia Molloy

Across the board, women in leadership are underrepresented. While the number of women in leadership positions has increased, there still remains a long way to go. According to research by Grant Thornton, the percentage of businesses around the world with at least one woman in senior management has increased significantly, rising from 66 per cent in 2017 to 75 per cent in 2018. However, at the same time the proportion of senior roles held by women has marginally declined. Grant Thornton...

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In defence of the Levy

By Professor Lynette Ryals

The Reform think-tank report – claiming the use of the Apprenticeship Levy for higher qualifications is a “mislabelling” of courses – feels like an outsider’s view, remote from the realities of business needs.

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Why are women more anxious asking for pay rises?

By HR Magazine


Techniques to overcome anxiety can help but organisations must also look to structural issues holding women back.

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