Ten tips to help you decide if a non-executive director role is right for you

By Professor Ruth Bender


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Developing organisational resilience: building behaviours to manage change and disruption

By Professor David Denyer

Why are some organisations more successful in coping with—and responding to—today’s fast-changing business environment? And why do some organisations see only the negative aspects of adversity, while others see opportunities to adapt and change? The answer, in a nutshell, lies in organisational resilience.

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How to succeed at Strategic Account Based Marketing

By Professor Malcolm McDonald

Although the term Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been around for many years and it has now become the focus for many companies, there is still some confusion about exactly what it is. At the pinnacle of ABM models is Key Account Management (KAM) known as Strategic Account Management (SAM) in the USA, which is one-to-one customer management. Below this are major accounts that are not quite big enough to be incorporated in KAM, this is ABM and involves one-to-few customer management. ABM...

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Executive Development - The impact of the iPhone

By Wendy Shepherd

I appreciate that some readers will not be old enough to remember life without a mobile phone. But for those of us who are, it is interesting to reflect on what happened when we went on a development programme for a couple of days. How did we keep in contact with the workplace so that things didn’t fall apart in our absence?

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Developing your 'forgotten' people

By Camilla Jonsson

How do organisations develop their huge, often diverse, population of middle to senior managers? Remembering these 'forgotten people' can be the tipping-point to take an organisation on to greater success.

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5 minutes with Maya Joseph-Hussain: My High Performance Leadership experience

By Kassia Gardner

As part of her executive development Maya attended Cranfield’s High Performance Leadership programme, so we spent five minutes with her to discover her thoughts on the programme.


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Procurement Talent: an Expanding Portfolio

By Dr Soroosh Saghiri

The procurement profession plays an increasingly strategic role in organisations. Today, procurement professionals are involved in a wider range of business processes, and have a higher level of contribution to the organisation’s strategic decisions. Their performance is also monitored more closely by the top management.

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Helping leaders to do leadership, in an uncertain world

By Professor David Denyer & Professor Kim Turnbull James

These are exceptional times—and few business leaders can honestly say that they saw them coming. From Brexit to protectionism, and from mass migration to the financial crisis, things weren’t supposed to turn out like this.

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The dark side of performance measurement

By Dr Andrey Pavlov

Just a couple of years ago, Lloyds Banking Group was fined a record £28m for operating a system of targets and incentives that drove their staff to engage in a multitude of harmful and dysfunctional behaviours. First, Lloyds promised the market analysts it would double the number of customers. This was then translated into a “sell or be demoted” plan for the Group’s employees, which placed them into a system of tiers based on sales volume. For a middle manager, falling by one tier would...

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Managing Talent: Building a talent pipeline

By David Deegan

There is a plethora of discussion around how retaining talent and generating staff loyalty is best achieved when there is alignment between the values of an individual and the values of an organisation.

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