Effective Executive Development - 15 fundamentals for creating mind-set shift

By Mark Threlfall & David Deegan

A distinctive part of Executive Development is the need to look at mind-set rather than just skills. Einstein is famously quoted as having said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

Whilst we all can, and should, learn new skills right the way through our lives, when we reach positions of senior responsibility within an organisation, the manner in which we approach business challenges becomes increasingly important. Rather than the focus being on what...

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Developing your workforce through master’s level apprenticeships

By Professor Lynette Ryals


Apprenticeships are mostly recognised as another entry route to higher skills, raising the status of vocational education and work-based learning. But the real impact of the apprenticeships levy for the UK will come from the recruitment of middle and senior managers as ‘apprentices’ at Master’s degree level (the top level 7 in the apprenticeship scale).


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How the Emphasis of UK Manufacturing has changed - Reviewing this year’s Best Factory Award Winners

By Professor Marek Szwejczewski


When I first started judging the Best Factory Awards in 1992, most plants focus was on introducing Total Quality Management, BS5750 and implementing JIT.

Over the past 25 years the emphasis of UK manufacturing has changed and reviewing this year’s winners, we can see that they share several common traits: they have a clear manufacturing strategy, they are customer focused and they have a strong improvement ethos.

This year, from our judging visits, we have noticed other common threads:


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Building resilience from within

By Dr Ido van der Heijden

Resilience is a highly desirable quality in a manager. Life, as we know, is full of surprises, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of business. And, by definition, those in a position of leadership need more resilience than most, because they are the individuals ultimately responsible for directing the organisation’s response to the unexpected.

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Transforming knowledge into action

By Professor Richard Wilding OBE

“Half the money that I spend on advertising is wasted—the trouble is, I don’t know which half,” famously observed American department store magnate John Wanamaker, over a hundred years ago. Sadly, many corporate learning and development departments could today be forgiven for thinking the same about some of the executive development programmes in which they invest.

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Bridging the skills gap in collaborative corporate responsibility

By Professor David Grayson

As company after company has found to its cost, corporate responsibility is a competitive differentiator. Be branded corporately irresponsible, and media news stories and images will soon send customers into the arms of your competitors.

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Excellence in Practice: Outstanding Learning and Development Partnerships


The EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards (EiP) recognises outstanding learning and development partnerships in the domains of leadership, professional, talent and organisation development.

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Mindfulness and Space at Work – How to make it happen

By Dr Jutta Tobias

Mindfulness is everywhere these days. At least, many more people talk about it than when I started researching and teaching mindfulness five years ago. But how can you really make it happen at work

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7 Steps for small businesses to go global

By Dr Shai Vyakarnam

Businesses are seen as having a number of genetic start points. Some are seen as lifestyle, others as Unicorns, perhaps as “born global”, perhaps technology based or enabled and some we just don’t know. The great unwashed if you will.

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Innovation in service businesses: the ‘secret sauce’ of innovation leadership

By Dr Bob Lillis & Steve Macaulay

For service operations, innovation is obviously important. It can enable service organisations to raise quality and productivity levels, meet changing customer needs, and overcome superior competitor offerings. But those service organisations looking to develop innovation leadership face a number of challenges—some obvious, some less so.

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