Why are women more anxious asking for pay rises?

By HR Magazine


Techniques to overcome anxiety can help but organisations must also look to structural issues holding women back.

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Deal or no deal?

By David Deegan

Courtesy of Brexit, the topic of negotiation seems to be in the news virtually every day at the moment. But the headlines make me question how we will ultimately fare once negotiations are complete. 

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From Products to Customer Engagement: Present and Future

By Professors Malcolm McDonald & Simon Knox

Apple didn’t kill the music industry. They just invented ways of making life easier and more enjoyable for music consumers, ending the need to buy full-length albums. It wasn’t Netflix that killed Blockbusters; it was their focus on retail to the virtual exclusion of on-line convenience. It wasn’t UBER that adversely affected the taxi business; it was fare control and the difficulty of ordering a taxi. Amazon didn’t wipe out retailers. Bad customer service, limited stock, poor size ranging...

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What is good leadership?

By Dr Dominik Heil


When it comes to leadership practice, developing the capability for leadership starts by helping those with leadership responsibilities build a rich understanding of what leadership actually is. So what is leadership?

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Barclays and Cranfield lead the way with first UK bank Master's Apprenticeship

By Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield University has partnered with Barclays to launch a Master’s Apprenticeship in Leadership, making the bank the first of its kind to offer this level of apprenticeship.

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Leadership resilience in a VUCA world? This time it really is all about you

By Dr Ido van der Heijden


VUCA, which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity andAmbiguity, is a mnemonic coined by the US Army War Collegein the early 90s that is becoming ever more commonplace andpopular. In leadership and management circles it is used todescribe environments or contexts which have qualities thatmake traditional ideas and approaches to leadership unsuitable.

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Ten tips to help you decide if a non-executive director role is right for you

By Professor Ruth Bender

In these days of portfolio careers, more and more people want to become non-executive directors (NEDs). It’s a crowded market and a role that doesn’t suit everyone.  

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Why the workplace needs more feminist men

By Professor Elisabeth Kelan

Can men be feminists? Ask Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who regularly describes himself as one. Or the editors of Esquire magazine, who dedicated an entire special issue of the magazine to the subject of men’s role in gender equality. Or the United Nations, which runs a #HeforShe campaign via Twitter, again trying to get men involved in gender equality.

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Developing organisational resilience: building behaviours to manage change and disruption

By Professor David Denyer

Why are some organisations more successful in coping with—and responding to—today’s fast-changing business environment? And why do some organisations see only the negative aspects of adversity, while others see opportunities to adapt and change? The answer, in a nutshell, lies in organisational resilience.

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Executive development... are you getting the most out of your investment? Using strategic group projects

By Lester Coupland

When assessing return on investment with regard to executive leadership development there are some key questions to consider including: 

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