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What does the future hold for Generation Alpha?

We’ve become used to the trials and tribulations of Generations X, Y and Z as employees and consumers. But that’s nothing...

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Barclays and Cranfield lead the way with first UK bank Master's Apprenticeship

Cranfield University has partnered with Barclays to launch a Master’s Apprenticeship in Leadership, making the bank the first of...

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Why the workplace needs more feminist men

Can men be feminists? Ask Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who regularly describes himself as one. Or the editors of...

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Women on Boards: progress but there are too few women on boards

There has been an increase in the number of women being appointed to FTSE 100 boards but few women are fulfilling senior roles on...

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Managing Talent: Building a talent pipeline

There is a plethora of discussion around how retaining talent and generating staff loyalty is best achieved when there is...

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Managing Talent: How to encourage your workforce to manage their career

“So where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”

This is a question that all of us have probably been asked at some point in our...

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Overcoming the challenges of flexible working

Driven by both legislation and evolving employer attitudes, flexible working has come a long way over the past decade. Not only...

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Mindfulness and Space at Work – How to make it happen

Mindfulness is everywhere these days. At least, many more people talk about it than when I started researching and teaching...

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Employee satisfaction surveys: putting employee well-being on the organisational development agenda

Back in 2012, the Office for National Statistics published the results of its first ‘happiness survey’. The—perhaps...

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