How has the role of the IT leader changed in current times?

By James Lawrence - extract from #PTK Pass the Knowledge

IT leaders have never been more essential to the success of any organisation – or had more demands heaped upon their shoulders. So how is the role changing? And what are the skills required to step up to the challenge?

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Cranfield refreshes its general management portfolio

By Elizabeth Beales


At Cranfield School of Management we have recently refreshed our popular portfolio of general management programmes to meet clients’ changing needs. Watch the video below as Camilla Jonsson, General Management Portfolio Director, describes the recent changes...

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Executive education refreshed

By Peter Chadwick - CEO, IEDP Developing Leaders

Cranfield School of Management, a pioneer in executive education for over 40 years, has recently refreshed its popular portfolio of general management programmes to reflect the learning priorities of client organisations and potential participants today.

Camilla Jonsson, General Management Portfolio Director, describes how Cranfield has shaped its general management portfolio to meet clients’ changing needs...

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Developing Leadership Power: Being a good leader in this age of distrust

By Dr Jacquie Drake


Trust used to come with a senior job title. It was part of the ordinarypackage like a salary and pension. But trust in the authority of businessleaders has eroded and keeps on eroding – just as it has for othertraditional pillars like the bank manager, the headteacher and the policechief – to a point where creating and keeping hold of trust has becomeone of the biggest challenges for both new and established leaders. Whyis it so important? Because leadership depends on relationships and...

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Personal Transformation for Leaders: Reflections from a guest tutor on The Praxis PTFL programme

By Hugh Lloyd-Jukes


Hugh Lloyd-Jukes was a Guest Tutor on the April/October 2014 PTFL.  Hugh is CEO of Oxehealth, a leading UK digital health business, and a serial entrepreneur.

Before you read any further, google “personal transformation”. 

If you have an extra minute, try “transformational change” and “transformational leadership”.

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