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Developing Strategic Negotiation Skills and Capability: An integrated approach

By Javier Marcos Cuevas


David Deegan recently highlighted the importance for organisations to invest in their negotiations skills in his blog, Deal or No Deal.

Negotiation is a crucial skill in leadership and management positions in private, not for profit and government organisations. I would argue it is a key skill in life as well, yet most of the time training is delivered at an individual level and many key negotiations are executed by people who are working in teams.

My video below tells you more about the Cranfield School of Management approach to developing strategic negotiation skills and capabilities. In partnership with behavioural experts from Practive, this programme can transform an organisation's collective skills and perspectives when negotiating with a number of unique elements:

  • Research based frameworks that we then stretch your teams thinking with counter-intuitive insights.
  • Psychometric tools to deepen their understanding of the factors that underpin the preferred negotiation styles.
  • Team based negotiations simulations based on real life scenarios to push beyond the current repertoire of behaviours.
  • Various methods to generate meaningful feedback. 
HubSpot Video

Read the full interview transcript here.

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