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Apprenticeship Levy readiness checklist

By IEDP Developing Leaders

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Is your organisation ready to build an Apprenticeship Levy leadership pathway?

As a UK business leader, you will doubtless be acquainted with the Apprenticeship Levy. What you may not be so familiar with is how it can support the development of your senior managers, executives, and top leadership teams, aka your ‘Level 7 Senior Leaders,’ in Levy-speak.

Maximise the value of the Apprenticeship Levy

Since its launch in 2014, a blueprint is beginning to emerge, for large UK employers to truly maximise the value of the Apprenticeship Levy, by building it into a leadership development pathway.
With success stories, such as our collaboration with Aon, to learn from, there is growing understanding of the full range of benefits available in adopting this blueprint, and the best practices emerging alongside it.
The question now becomes one of readiness. How ready is your organisation to build its Apprenticeship Levy-powered leadership pathway?
To help you answer it, our experts have developed a five point self-diagnosis tool to assess how well-prepared and well-suited your organisation is, to engage with this level of Apprenticeship Levy learning.

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