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Cranfield refreshes its general management portfolio

By Elizabeth Beales

 Refreshed general management portfolio

At Cranfield School of Management we have recently refreshed our popular portfolio of general management programmes to meet clients’ changing needs. Watch the video below as Camilla Jonsson, General Management Portfolio Director, describes the recent changes...

The key principles of transition and immersion

The suite of programmes is based on two principles - transition; helping people transition to a wider role, and immersion; which refers to the intensity of the learning experience in terms of thinking, behaviour and values. 


How adults learn

All the programmes are designed around how adults learn, which is through exploration, experimentation, experience and doing. They include different learning methodologies including; personality instruments, case studies, role play, reflection pieces and content acquisition.


Personal leadership and business capabilities

The programmes are designed to develop your personal leadership capabilities, interweaving the development of your business capabilities. There is stronger emphasis on business leadership in the earlier modules, with an increased focus on personal power and impact in later modules. You become more effective as a leader within your organisation and of people using your acquired business skills and being appropriate with your personal leadership. 


The four programmes

  • Talent Development Programme: for those in the early stages of their career, with ambition and high potential, who seek to understand organisational strategy and how they can contribute to this successfully.
  • General Management Programme: for highly successful functional specialists who want to widen their general management capabilities, needing to manage stakeholder engagement in a much wider sense. 
  • Into Director Programme: for people who have recently, or are about to, step into a director role and are required to formulate strategy for the first time. 
  • Purpose: this experience is designed for those that have achieved all they want to in a traditional sense and now want to contribute to their organisation, industry and society in a different way.


Watch now...

Listen to Camilla and find out about the refreshed portfolio for yourself... 

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