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Multi-Omni Channel Retail Supply Chains

By Professor Richard Wilding OBE


Multichannel and Omni channel supply chains - what are they and what is the difference?

Multichannel supply chains

Multi-channel retailing is the development of retail operations in such a manner that enables the customer to transact with the business through independently managed channels, including stores, online and telephone sales. The key is that the channels are managed independently.

Omni-Channel supply chains

The omni-channel retailing is a truly integrated approach across the whole retail operation, that delivers a seamless consumer experience through all available shopping channels. Whether they are in store, mobile or online. Returns can be managed through all of these channels. The key is that the channels are managed in an integrated way.

So how do you interact with your customers?

  • Store only
  • web to store, like clicking collect
  • web then direct to the customer

You need an integrated supply chain approach. Ask what processes, infrastructure, information systems, and people skills your business requires to embrace the omni-channel, supply chain world.



Our work in this area at Cranfield is one of the areas explored within the Supply Chain Management Programme  - one of our specialist programmes designed to develop appropriate skills for next generation professionals in these fields.

Blog produced by:  Professor Richard Wilding OBE, Professor of Supply Chain Strategy and Programme Director of the Supply Chain Management Programme, Cranfield School of Management for this blog content.

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