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Delving deeper into the Cranfield Learning Management System (LMS)

By David Deegan & David Medcalf

When we are engaged – really engaged – and enjoying an activity, time flies and we actually get more done. 

We know that when you commission an executive development programme, you want to maximise your return on investment by having something that everyone will participate in, will really engage with and consequently learn something that will benefit your organisation, as well as themselves. 

Cranfield University is globally recognised for our participative and engaging classroom sessions, and we are being becoming increasingly recognised for our virtual learning capability, where we create online activities as part of our blended programmes. Our online learning expertise not only provides access to further knowledge, but also helps maintain focus and motivation throughout multi-modular, face-to-face programmes.

This video shows you how our unique Learning Management System (LMS) can maintain and even drive up the level of engagement of participants during the virtual phases of a programme and therefore increase the knowledge and ideas that they absorb and bring back to your organisation.


Read our blog, 'From gamification to learning' to download 10 questions to ask a LMS supplier in the scoping phase of your project. 

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