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Building the Temple of Supply Chain Resilience

By Professor Richard Wilding OBE

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If you're concerned about risk in your supply chain, build the temple of supply chain resilience. Your foundation needs to be an effective supply chain strategy. This impacts on the risk profile of the supply chain. Your floor needs to be product design for supply chain management.

Consider the raw materials used and how the product can be configured at the design stage. Now build four pillars:

  1. Agility to ensure flexibility within your operations.
  2. Build collaboration internally and externally.
  3. Get the culture right, make sure people ask how will this decision impacts on the risk profile of the supply chain.
  4. Supply chain design - consider the locations equipment’s the network you use.

Now build the roof of transparency and continuous monitoring intelligence. Ensure you have transparency across your product flows and network and learn rapidly from your suppliers of any events that could create an issue.



Our work in this area at Cranfield is one of the areas explored within the Leading Supply Chain Transformation Programme  - one of our specialist programmes designed to develop appropriate skills for next generation professionals in these fields.

Blog produced by:  Professor Richard Wilding OBE, Professor of Supply Chain Strategy.

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