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Webinar | Delivering customised learning in today’s virtual world

By Cranfield School of Management

EPISODE 3: Delivering customised learning in today’s virtual world. A series of six webinars enabling you to reposition, reskill and reshape your organisation, for business success right now, and for future agility.

In the third webinar of our six-part series, the panel consisting of David Deegan, Director of Practice Development, Graham Bell, Andy James and Dr Imran Zawwar, shared their thoughts on a variety of themes; Customisation, Making the switch to online delivery, What great delivery looks like, Potential pitfalls in virtual delivery and The future of virtual delivery. They also showed two short videos demonstrating a few of the online delivery techniques they use to maximise participant involvement and engagement.



David Deegan, Director of Practice Development

Graham Bell, Director of Digital Education

Andy James, Performance Development Consultant

Dr Imran Zawwar, Lecturer in Strategic Management

Webinar: Delivering customised learning in today’s virtual world

Duration: 1 hour

Questions from attendees highlighted just how important this topic is to so many right now. A recurring theme was that when designing and delivering online, we need to not just think of the engagement of participants, but also the welfare and resilience of those delivering.

At the close of the webinar we posed a question as to the preferred format of short executive development programmes. Over half of respondents would prefer a blended approach; a combination of face-to-face and online learning delivered in real-time. So while the online capability has helped so many of us maintain our learning and development during this pandemic, face-to-face on-site delivery is still something people yearn for. We hope we can invite people back to Cranfield soon, but our ability to deliver powerful blended learning experiences will remain a key part of our portfolio.




About the Series

Organisations have been forced to implement new ways of working in the current pandemic. Employees are having to rapidly adjust and learn new skills. Many organisations are finding their values and culture are becoming prominent in the public eye.

Many organisations are fighting to survive. Others are also grappling with the question “How can we learn from this experience and ensure that we, and our workforce emerge from Covid-19 better placed to respond to the next crisis?

McKinsey & Company wrote an insightful article which contained six pragmatic steps to help organisations address aspects of this question.

This prompted us to create a series of six interconnected one-hour webinars, each one of which resonates with one of the six McKinsey steps, and draws upon our faculty expertise and experience to help you ensure your organisation survives and thrives post-Covid 19.

Featuring expert faculty and partner organisations share their thinking and ideas in interactive sessions designed to support your journey through this pandemic and beyond.


Episode 1: Discovering your strategy for thriving in a the new world
Professor Andrey Pavlov, Cranfield School of Management

Episode 2: Prospering post Covid-19 crisis: What leaders need to be and do
Paul Surridge, Principal Consultant, Mercuri Urval

Episode 3: Delivering customised learning in today’s virtual world
David Deegan, Graham Bell, Dr Imran Zawwar, Cranfield Executive Development

Episode 4: Innovation design thinking
Dr Imran Zawwar, Cranfield School of Management

Episode 5: Think big, act small
Stephen Carver, Cranfield School of Management

Episode 6: Business transformation: A story of emergence in a sea of ambiguity
Mark Threlfall, Cranfield School of Management



Prospering after the crisis: Surviving and thriving a new world order

In this e-book, and through our series of related webinars, our faculty and partners draw on their expertise and experience to offer practical advice on how business leaders can reposition,
reskill and reshape their organisations for business success right now as well as for future agility.

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