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The Decade Ahead Part 2: Insights into the future of work, leadership, and executive education
“The pandemic proved that you don’t have to be in an office to be effective, and that people can be trusted to work outside of...

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Tags: executive development, article

Investing in your future workforce
In the first months of the pandemic, learning and development understandably took a back seat for many businesses, as they...

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Tags: executive development, article, changing world of work

Video | Necessity is the mother of re-invention

Last week my brother phoned me to say that his office was closing down. Naturally I was shocked and concerned at him being out of...

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Tags: leadership, organisational resilience, video

Deeds Not Words
By David Deegan On July 11, 2020

Deeds Not Words

For those people who describe themselves as speaking “The Queen’s English” it may be of interest to know that when we “talk...

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Tags: leadership, article

Creating impact during the Covid crisis: the power of Cranfield Digital

For many years Cranfield Executive Development has been renowned for its capability to deliver blended learning: a mixture of...

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On the subway in Guangzhou, China, I saw a sign “让一个座,暖一颗心“ and underneath in English “Please offer your seat to those in need”....

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