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Recession? Is it time to prepare for hard times to come?

By professor mike bourne


The fall in the retail sales figures in May could be a one off blip (or common cause variation) but given the slower growth in on-line sales and the uncertain economic outlook maybe it is time to think again. Retail sales have been a driver of growth in the UK and if they falter with our current politically driven economic uncertainties, we could be in for a shock, or even a recession.

''Everything is so easy these days.''

Trade wars are so easy to win, Brexit so easy to deliver, but this rhetoric has consequences in the real world.

When business gets tight, it is important to focus on your customers. How are they doing? Are you still creating and delivering the products and services they need?

Then it is important to be aligned internally so that delivering to the customer is done efficiently and effectively. Has your performance measurement and management system been kept up to date? What is it telling you about your current performance and your trajectory?

''And then there is that precious strategy. In hard times, resources for change are scarce.''

So are you getting maximum returns from your investment be that in money, people or management time?

Strategic Performance Management is a programme for hard times. It provides the tools to ask the right questions, to focus on customers and really understand their needs. It also develops approaches to KPI to create alignment and focus on strategy execution. So a chance to get and stay in front of the curb.  

Cranfield’s Strategic Performance Management programme is designed to help Directors, managers, project leaders and senior line managers who are responsible for implementing strategy, designing and refreshing their scorecards or developing their organisational performance management system.

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