Being a leader within an organisation has never been more challenging - Time for a new approach

By Kate Lowry

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The role of a leader inside an organisation faces a rising tide of challenge greater than ever before. The need to achieve more with ever less resource has become a ‘New Normal’.


Time to catch the next wave?

Organisations are more complex, with global interfaces and technology creating an ‘always on’ 24/7 environment and culture.To meet the ambiguities and dilemmas created by this reality a new approach, looking at how leaders actually operate and how they truly lead effectively is needed. 

On the programme participants learn about their own
performance and that of their teams by experientially
‘surfing’ the wave.


What is Performance?

Performance as a leader can be likened to a surfer ‘catching the right wave at the right time, with the right approach’. The feeling when you reach your goal, maybe even outperforming it, is exhilarating! You needed knowledge and skill to be able to do it,
sure, but in the moment you also used timing, style, and balance so that everything came together. That synergy between you, your people, your environment, the challenge you faced and the approach you selected to create the best available outcome, lies at the core of being a successful modern leader.


This is a new and important practice for today’s leaders and we will focus on it.

Being able to tune into what is happening means tapping into the creative possibilities of the moment with confidence and intentionality. The leader can then step back from repeating the same patterns of behaviour in response to a situation, and sense more of a call in response to the business. This is vital for organisations to maintain their advantage.

On our Developing Leadership Practice programme we use the Lowry Performance Wave as a method to help explain how leaders can consistently grow the performance of themselves and that of their people, even in the most challenging of contexts.

We've created a downloadable article giving you insight into the how to 'catch the next leadership wave'.  

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