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Leadership resilience in a VUCA world? This time it really is all about you

By Dr Ido van der Heijden


VUCA, which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and
Ambiguity, is a mnemonic coined by the US Army War College
in the early 90s that is becoming ever more commonplace and
popular. In leadership and management circles it is used to
describe environments or contexts which have qualities that
make traditional ideas and approaches to leadership unsuitable.

What frameworks or approaches can we use effectively to manage leadership in a VUCA world?

At Cranfield School of Management, we have found that resilience is something that emerges not just from what you think, but also how you think and how you feel, appreciate, understand, conceptualise and process your environment. No text book
can teach you that. Dr Ido van der Heijden, Programme Director of Personal Tranformation for Leaders, says, “Helping people build security in themselves is the key to a higher sense of self belief. When we have helped people gain that foundation we are able to support people in not only understanding their environment, but enhancing how they relate to it."


We've created a downloadable article giving you insight into the how to manage leadership in a VUCA world. 

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