5 minutes with Maya Joseph-Hussain: My High Performance Leadership experience

By Kassia Gardner

High performance leadership

As part of her executive development Maya attended Cranfield’s High Performance Leadership programme, so we spent five minutes with her to discover her thoughts on the programme.


Executive Education: Welcome Maya, can you tell us a bit about why did you attended the Cranfield’s High Performance Leadership programme?
Maya Joseph-Hussain: The High Performance Leadership Programme is about developing your own unique leadership style. This appealed to me greatly, as I didn’t want a programme which would ‘box’ me into a leadership model, rather than help me enhance my leadership skills. Cranfield has a world-class reputation, and I felt I would gain an invaluable experience.

EE: How did you find the experience?
MJ-H: It was a positive, friendly and welcoming environment which helped me relax and enjoy my stay. The programme itself was engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking, and helped me unlock my potential. Attending the programme has been one of the best investments of my time, both for my organisation and my own leadership development.

EE: What were the highlights/most valuable parts of the programme?
MJ-H: The diverse experience and insights from the programme tutors and fellow participants were incredibly valuable, as were the references to real life situations which helped me make sense of what we were sharing and learning. I also found the way in which the course was delivered using models, quotes, experiences, video clips and music interesting.

EE: How do you think it’s benefitting your organisation in the long term?
MJ-H: I was able to identify and tackle my barriers to success and take away tools to help me focus. As a result, I have increased my confidence and maturity in my decision making, and I’m a stronger leader with a clear focus, inspiring my teams to be their best. I also have a peer network with others who were on the programme, and we are continuing to support each other and share our learnings.

EE: What changes have you made as a result of coming on the programme?
MJ-H: I take the time to consider and reflect when leading my teams and I am better able to deal with difficult situations and provide clarity. As a resilient leader, I’m better prepared to support my team. I also feel more in control of my own leadership journey, and I’m enjoying the journey rather than rushing to the next step.


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