Webinar | The Future of Everything: The Changing World of Work

By Professor Emma Parry
Examine the evidence for future trends and disruptions to the world of work, and the implications for organisations and individuals alike. 


Over the past decade - and especially since the Covid-19 pandemic - popular media has been flooded with predictions for how work, the workplace and the workforce will change. The difficulty for senior leaders and employers is in understanding what to believe.

Will there really be large-scale job losses due to artificial intelligence, robotics and automation? Are Millennials and Generation Z truly a new breed of workers? Most recently, what changes to our ways of working, such as remote or hybrid working, are here to stay?

Professor Emma Parry, renowned expert in Human Resource Management and Head of the Changing World of Work Group at Cranfield School of Management, cuts through the rhetoric by examining the evidence for future trends and disruptions to the world of work, and discussing the implications of these for organisations and individuals alike.

This webinar will explore:

  • The impact of ongoing trends such as technological advancement and demographic shifts alongside the recent, more unexpected, Covid-19 pandemic.
  • How the changing environment is affecting the nature of work itself, the workplace and our ways of working, through aspects such as automation, remote and hybrid working and the re-design of office space.
  • Employee attitudes and expectations towards work, and how organisations might react in order to attract and retain the talent that they need.




Professor Emma Parry, FBAM, Academic FCIPD, is Professor of Human Resource Management and Group Head (Changing World of Work) at Cranfield University.  She is a recognised expert in Human Resource Management (HRM) and plays a leading role in a number of global research projects in this area. These include Cranet, a worldwide network of over 40 business schools that conducts comparative HRM research, and 5C, a global research project involving around 30 academic institutions, examining cultural and age differences in attitudes towards careers.  

Professor Parry is the author of Managing People in a Contemporary Context (Routledge) and editor of six other books. 


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