Webinar | Talent Management is Dead!

By Professor Emma Parry
As the world of work changes apace—from new technologies to a greater emphasis on agility—the idea of linear careers is no longer relevant.



Further, the idea of talent management itself—an approach by which we spot individuals with high potential to move along a linear career trajectory—has become redundant.

The time has come to replace it with a more agile system.

Join us for ‘Talent Management is Dead!’, a stimulating, thought-provoking virtual panel discussion with leading sector experts from Cranfield Executive Development and GSK, bound to challenge our preconceptions of what executive learning can and should be aiming to achieve in the purpose-driven, agile organisations of today and tomorrow.




Professor Emma Parry, FBAM, Academic FCIPD, is Professor of Human Resource Management and Group Head (Changing World of Work) at Cranfield University.  She is a recognised expert in Human Resource Management (HRM) and plays a leading role in a number of global research projects in this area. These include Cranet, a worldwide network of over 40 business schools that conducts comparative HRM research, and 5C, a global research project involving around 30 academic institutions, examining cultural and age differences in attitudes towards careers.  

Professor Parry is the author of Managing People in a Contemporary Context (Routledge) and editor of six other books. 

Camilla Jonsson As General Management Portfolio Director, Camilla is responsible for all aspects of developing, running and growing the full suite of the prestigious General Management Portfolio. She has long experience of business development and change consultancy. She is working in a leadership role in Cranfield Executive Development at Cranfield School of Management she has lead large and complex projects from initiation to completion through relationships with clients, collaboration across Schools, with faculty and external suppliers. As well as the client-facing work she has been responsible for and involved in numerous strategic projects that have contributed to the growth and reputation of the unit, such as impact evaluation, development of new joiners and development of the service portfolio.

Kim Lafferty is VP of People Development at GSK and a doctoral student at Cranfield University.


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