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Webinar | Organisational Resilience: Practical steps you can start tomorrow

By Professor David Denyer
How might we prepare and adapt to challenges and disruptions to survive, prosper and be future-ready? Where do we start?


In this webinar, produced in partnership with IEDP, Professor David Denyer of Cranfield Executive Development and Rick Cudworth of Deloitte help you tackle the number one strategic priority of the year as they explore:
  • Why is resilience the number one strategic priority for business leaders today?
  • Why was the global preparedness level in business for the pandemic so lacking?
  • Where do I start building organisational resilience?
  • How do we implement, starting tomorrow?



Resilience Reimagined Report

Cranfield and Deloitte have also collaborated on a national research report that offers a practical guide for leaders on organisational resilience and how it can be developed. To find out more download our Resilience Reimagined report.




David Denyer is Professor of Leadership and Organisational Change and Commercial and Development Director at Cranfield School of Management. He has published a large number of important and highly cited articles and book chapters. He is strongly committed to, and has a significant track record of, developing the next generation of researchers. 

Rick Cudworth is Partner, Crisis and Resilience at Deloitte and has over 25 years’ industry-leading experience in Crisis Management and Resilience. He has been interim Group Head of Resilience for two global banks has supported and facilitated executive leadership in responding to crisis events. He is a recognised industry leader in his field and Chair of the British Institution Technical Committee for Continuity and Resilience.


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