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Video | The essence of Leadership in the 21st century

By Onyi Anyado

Who is the 21st century cutting-edge employee? Cranfield School of Management Associate, Onyi Anyado explores the importance of the 21st century employee to understand and embed the vision, values and voice of their organisation.

In this 7 minute video, David Deegan interviews Onyi to get his thoughts on cutting-edge leadership. 





About the author

Onyi Anyado is a Cranfield School of Management Associate and the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House and is a UK based multiple award-winning Global Leadership Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Futurist and Author. From his message of Cutting Edge Distinction, Onyi speaks at seminars and conferences around the world on the topic of cutting edge leadership. He also delivers L&D leadership programmes in organisations which involves training and coaching leaders on how to locate, leverage and lead with their distinction. View full profile.

David Deegan is an Executive Development Director and Director of Practice Development at Cranfield Executive Development. With over 22 years’ international experience in talent, learning and development across a range of industry sectors up to Board level, he is responsible for the design and delivery of customised executive development interventions delivered in the UK and internationally. View full profile.

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