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Webinar | Resilience Reimagined: A practical guide for organisations

By Cranfield Executive Development
On Wednesday 16th June, Cranfield's Professor David Denyer and Mike Sutliff discussed key learnings from their recently published report 'Resilience reimagined: a practical guide for organisations'. A report that was jointly commissioned by the National Preparedness Commission (NPC) in partnership with Deloitte.

The webinar;

  • addresses 'How can resilience be developed?' 'Who does it well, and what can we learn from them?' 'What more could you do to develop resilience for your organisation?'
  • makes seven recommendations for organisations on how to become more resilient, drawing on lessons from past 12 months.
  • presents insights from business leaders from a range of sectors.




Tags: organisational resilience, webinar, video

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