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Webinar | Toxic interactions on social media brand channels

By Strategic Marketing Forum
How brands can address triggers, consequences and solutions to toxic social media interactions


In a 24/7 online world, customers take to social media to voice their opinions about brand behaviour. Retailers are often on the receiving end of widely-shared hate comments which can damage the brand and distract shoppers.

Unhappy customers are not a new phenomenon. What is new is the use of social media to share negative feedback more widely online. While some customers are polite in their requests, there are a growing number of individuals who use social media brand pages to share hate speech which can damage a brand and reduce its credibility, whether the content is accurate or not.

Some of the negative content takes a different perspective and is tantamount to hate speech. Although the media have reported that some organisations exit social media channels believing this is a solution, this simply pushes the negative comments into other channels.

In the latest webinar from Cranfield's Strategic Marketing Forum, guest speaker Dr Jan Breitsohl from the University of Glasgow discusses his research into hate speech and how brands, online retailers and global corporations can mitigate negative online discussions and use as an opportunity to showcase brand values.








Dr Jan Breitsohl - Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Glasgow

This webinar is presented by Cranfield's Strategic Marketing Forum.


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