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Webinar | Negotiating in Business: Addressing biases to create and capture value

By Professor Javier Marcos-Cuevas
Explore how marketing and sales professionals can manage common cognitive biases to better create and capture value. 


The sales process is the culmination of marketing activity and can often not work as planned due to our approaches or how we address the situation. Join us to discover more about cognitive biases that often occur during the sales process and how these can be addressed.

The marketing team might support the sales team with pre-pitch materials, a detailed briefing yet sometimes it all goes wrong. This webinar addresses the cognitive biases often present in the commercial negotiations, that we may not be aware of, as well as how to avoid them in the future.

In this webinar Professor Javier Marcos Cuevas will discuss: 

  • Enhanced awareness of the biases that undermine optimal outcomes and negotiation.
  • Proven techniques to minimise bias and preconceptions.
  • Approaches to reduce the impact of the anchoring bias.






This webinar is presented by Cranfield's Strategic Marketing Forum.

Javier Marcos Cuevas - Associate Professor of Strategic Sales Management and Negotiation.  Javier specialises in equipping organisations and individuals with the skills of professional selling, sales, and key account management. He works with clients to help them identify and realise meaningful business opportunities, providing insightful advice that enables executives to understand and overcome barriers to individual development and business growth.

Bringing together insights from the areas of marketing, leadership and organisational development, Javier advises organisations on best practice in sales processes and key account management. He is the co-author of several books, a regular voice in the professional media, and a frequent speaker at conferences and other industry events. Organisations that have benefited from his work include small, medium and large-scale corporations, as well as public entities in the UK and overseas such as the Cabinet Office, regulators, and regional innovation agencies.



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