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Webinar | How will learning and development shape up - past, current and future

By Cranfield School of Management
We are certainly living through unprecedented times and with all the constraints this pandemic has caused to our working environment and the severity with which it has affected our daily lives, it provides an opportunity for us to reflect and learn from this experience.

Today as industries remain at a standstill, most of them are trying to find new ways of remaining connected with their customers, the use of virtual platforms is picking up and working from home has become the new normal. As the World remains stranded and people confined to their homes, learning and development through virtual platforms have massively picked up. Every other university and institute has rushed to an online delivery model and the organisational corporate learning & development functions continue to scramble for online delivery solutions.

A traditional industry where despite the high speed of technology, disruption has been subtle and physical delivery the preference. Where most change is deferred in favour of familiar old ways of learning, and MOOCs is still an acronym that is unknown to the industry experts. It is truly inspirational to see the rapid transformation and the uptake of online learning solutions both on the participants end and on that of the providers. However, this poses some serious questions to the sustainability of this change and the future of the brick & mortar model of learning and development.

To discuss these issues of great importance that will influence the world post covid19, we put together a specialist panel of industry experts, academics and corporate learning & development specialists in this two hour recorded webinar to share their views on how will learning and development shape-up: past, current and future.





In partnership with Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Panellists Include:

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