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Webinar | How should businesses strategise in the post COVID paradigm?

By Cranfield School of Management
The Corona pandemic poses as much threat to businesses as it does to the individuals. While the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’ where social distancing measures have changed life beyond measure, it would take significant efforts from businesses to regain momentum once things return to the normal.

Although it is too early to comprehend the future impact of the current situation, what we are already seeing is that even the well established and long-standing businesses are not safe.

In this one hour recorded webinar, we will discuss how businesses should strategise in the post covid paradigm. The session will explore how an organisation should position itself with regards to its changing environment, and in particular its competitors, in order to gain and sustain competitive advantage. It will be a fully interactive webinar and would allow the participants to develop a perspective on the competitive strategy, based upon customer perceptions of use value and price.




Hosted by Dr Imran Zawwar, Regional Director Middle East for Cranfield Executive Development.

In partnership with Center for Global Innovators (CGI).

Tags: leadership, strategy, webinar, middle east