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Webinar | Cyber leadership

By Dr Ruth Massie

Thinking beyond ‘Bits and Bytes’ and into economic value. Much of the historic narrative on cyber has been about the negative impact, protectionism and the related costs. In this session, we will explore cyber as a pan-organisational, value-adding activity, which requires a strong leadership focus.

It is easy to say that leaders should be cyber-aware and should be engaging with cyber-related decision making across the organisation. However, given the complexity of the issue, the rate of change, and the wide range of ‘solutions’ presented, how can a leader make the right decisions for their organisation?

This webinar discusses the divide in organisations between digital, cyber and organisational strategies, the subsequent negative consequences and how as a leader you can make the right decisions for your organisation.

Dr Ruth Massie, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Resilience Leadership at Cranfield School of Management, led the discussion on cyber leadership in this interactive webinar.




About the Expert

Dr Ruth Massie is a Senior Lecturer in Cyber Resilience Leadership at Cranfield School of Management. Ruth’s research area is organisational resilience with a primary research focuses on understanding how Board level Directors engage with information, contextualise it, and incorporate it into their decision making. This is particularly in the context of cyber and how Board’s view the complexity, and risk, in relation to their organisations. Her secondary research focus is on tertiary education as a profession. Ruth’s teaching focuses on both Cyber Leadership and Business Continuity.

Tags: leadership, strategy, digital transformation, webinar