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Webinar | An Executive’s Guide to Social Media: 7 Strategic Purposes of Social

By Dr Annmarie Hanlon
Join digital marketing and social media guru Annmarie Hanlon for a webinar that will update and upgrade the way you view and use social media in your organisation.


Since the dawn of social media, corporate brands have rushed to tap into its clear and vast potential. There has been a lot of bandwagon jumping, a lot of noise, and some high-profile missteps and mistakes.

While there are success stories too, typically organisations have fallen prey to thinking too small, too short-term, and too tactically when it comes to social media. This tends to be driven by a ‘fear of the vacuum’ and not wanting to appear silent or absent from any particular social space—many of which carry unique risks.

For Dr Annmarie Hanlon, social media use should be approached strategically, and with purpose in mind—guiding not only which channels your organisation should be communicating through, but also considering the reasons for using them.

Join Annmarie for a tour of many examples from the good, the bad, and the ugly too, and learn how to apply the 7 key strategic purposes of social media to your own context and position.






Dr Annmarie Hanlon - Senior Lecturer Digital and Social Media Marketing, Director of the Strategic Marketing Forum at Cranfield School of Management. Dr Hanlon is an academic and practitioner in strategic digital marketing and the application of social media for business. Her PhD investigated the benefits and outcomes of social media marketing within organisations for which she was awarded the Mais Scholarship. Originally a graduate in French and Linguistics from University of London, Annmarie studied for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and won the Worshipful Company of Marketors’ award for the best results worldwide. She gained a Master’s in Business Administration, focusing on marketing planning and achieved a distinction for the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s E-Marketing Award.

This webinar is delivered in partnership with IEDP.



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