Video | The Wheel of Customer Understanding

By Dr. Sue Holt

Getting to really know your customers is vital to organisations, even more so in the current climate. Gaining customer insight is about getting beyond facts, figures and statistics and really understanding what is driving decisions to purchase or remain loyal to your brand.

But how can organisations gain customer insight in a strategic way and what should they be looking for?

Based on research from a number of different companies, Dr Sue Holt, Visiting Fellow and Programme Director for Cranfield’s Key Account Management: Best Practice programme, has developed an analysis framework which organisations can use to build up a picture of the customer.

Watch our 5 minute video now for more insight into the ‘Wheel of Customer Understanding’ framework.




About the Author

Dr Sue Holt is involved in lecturing, research and consultancy in a number of key areas of marketing. Her main interests lie in the fields of global and key account management, customer relationship marketing and business-to-business marketing and she has worked with many different organisations in these areas. Prior to working with Cranfield, Sue pursued a wide ranging management career in both the public and private sectors, including working for the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and for the Speaker in the House of Commons. Sue has published academic and practitioner articles on key account management and creating customer value and is currently the Director of Cranfield's flagship Open Programme on Key Account Management. 

Tags: strategy, video, strategic marketing and sales