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The Decade Ahead Part 1: Preparing people and organisations for the decade ahead

By Cranfield Executive Development
At Cranfield Executive Development, we take pride in being part of an organisation's transformational change. 

Welcome to Part 1 of our series 'The Decade Ahead', in which we will be exploring what the coming decade may bring.  In this introductory article we will be looking at what The Decade Ahead means to Cranfield Executive Development and sharing what it means to some of our people.
Our clients share their most pressing organisational challenges with us, giving us the opportunity to work in partnership with them on these complex challenges.

Co-creating bespoke solutions that maximise organisational capability each and every time is immensely rewarding.  

We are privileged to support our clients in navigating complex problems within a wide range of organisations, across different countries and within different cultures.


"I'm really excited about working with clients in the decade ahead who are looking to do social and environmental good, and use their organisations as catalysts for great business, but also great change within the world.

I'm also interested in looking at people performance:

  • How can we take lessons from sport and apply those to the performance of people within organisations?
  • How can we look for those marginal gains?
  • How can we help people and assist them with their health and wellbeing, and then with that help them become more creative, more productive?
I think it's a really exciting opportunity for many businesses, and there's absolutely some competitive advantage there."
Chris Coghlan, Executive Planning Director at Cranfield Executive Development


We are also preparing ourselves and our organisation for the decade ahead


  • Continuous development and evolution

We are constantly learning and evolving, keeping up with academia and industry and nurturing relationships with our global network of associates to always be at the forefront of management development.
  • Valuing and developing our people

Each person within Cranfield Executive Development is valued and appreciated for the genuine difference that they make, from providing clients a safe space to discuss their challenges to supporting them on their transformational journey.
  • A unified and collaborative approach

We work with teams from across the University and with partners from across the globe, bringing people together and collaborating to provide our clients the best possible opportunities. 

"There are a lot of changes happening in the world of education. The next decade is going to bring a new set of business opportunities for us at Cranfield, which makes it important that we all have the right skills to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Our priority is to ensure that our programmes stay ahead of current trends. That's why we're continuously reassessing our portfolio and developing new content to make sure that we move forward and continue to deliver value and make a positive impact for our customers."

Svetlana Jenkins, Client Project Manager at Cranfield Executive Development

We innovate to help individuals become the best versions of themselves

At Cranfield Executive Development we create opportunities for people across the world to grow and shape their own career, designing individualised learning pathways and expanding their personal networks.

We strive to make a difference on so many levels, helping an organisation be more successful, a team be more connected, or an individual feel more confident.

Thanks to an atmosphere of innovation, our people work at incredible pace to create solutions for our clients, helping individuals and teams to become the best versions of themselves.


"When I think about my ambitions for the next 10 years, I remember how quickly life can change. While it's always good to have a plan, life can creep up on you with its own plan and change everything you thought you had set in stone.

But no matter how much the force of unpredictability changes my plans, one thing's for sure. I'll be right here to continue helping people reach their full potential and inspire them to change their own lives and in turn the world."

Noor Kayyali, Associate Faculty at Cranfield University


We have the privilege of working with some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs and growing businesses

All our energy and enthusiasm go into making a difference to somebody’s story and doing our best to ensure that our work is transformational at some level.

Being part of a business’ growth journey shows us just how much people can achieve and inspires us to be better at what we do.

We’ve been helping business owners and managers achieve growth for a long time, even through times of crisis, even through hardship, but we’ve always been inspired by people’s resilience, and it is exciting to know that we can help them develop the capabilities that will transform their entire organisations.


"I have had the privilege of working with aspiring and established leaders of industry and founders of innovative businesses, as they grapple with the complexity of growing a business ecosystem that remains relevant to all of its customers.

My hope for the decade ahead is that these leaders have the courage to recruit outside the usual box and truly embrace within their organisations the global diverse talent pool. Yes, diversity is proven to increase productivity. But you know what? It is the right thing to do."

Janice B Gordon, Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University


To find out more about Cranfield Executive Development and how we help organisations, SME's and individuals visit The Decade Ahead   




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