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Podcast | Leading from your life story

By Dr Diana Theodores

Ask the expert podcast series

In this episode of Ask the Expert we are chatting to Dr Diana Theodores, an international performance coach, executive educator and facilitator specialising in Communications and Leadership Presence. Diana is joint director for the Impact and Influence programme at Cranfield and the author of Performing as You.

Leaders perform at their best when they are aligned with their sense of meaning and purpose. And in order to achieve that, it's essential to understand some of the great defining moments in your life that have helped shape your perspective, your points of view - so all those things that constitute your DNA as a leader.

Duration | 22 mins 




About the Expert

Dr Diana Theodores is an international performance coach, Programme Director for the Impact and Influence programme and Director of Theatre 4 Business. She is author of bestselling Performing as YOU: how to have authentic impact in every role you play.

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