Podcast | Critical leadership attributes for sustainability

By Sharon Jackson

Ask the expert podcast series

How is ‘noticing’ and ‘sensemaking’ a critical leadership attribute when it comes to environmental and business sustainability? In this episode of Ask the Expert we speak to author, researcher and Cranfield Associate Sharon Jackson about the importance of learning from the Covid 19 crisis to ensure lessons are learnt.

Duration | 23 mins 





About the Expert

Sharon Jackson, founder and CEO of The European Sustainability Academy in Crete, is an Associate Faculty at Cranfield School of Management. She has developed ground-breaking ‘Corporate Responsibility Leadership’ programmes for directors and senior managers which are delivered in wilderness and mountainous places of natural beauty in Europe, Australia and China. Sharon teaches business managers and directors how to combine fundamental business good practice and wealth creation with corporate responsibility as a core facet of global sustainability. Her programmes are designed to stimulate innovative and profitable business through aligning values based leadership with organisational sense making.

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