Podcast | Coaching as a Leadership Skill

By Kim Lafferty

Leadership on-the-go podcast series

In this podcast we get to learn from Kim Lafferty's extensive experience in the corporate world of leadership. Kim’s leadership role at GSK gives her real insight across a global organisation. She tells some great stories to illustrate her perspective on coaching as a leadership skill. In particular she points out that when we talk about coaching probably the first thing we should do is agree what this actually means. And, perhaps, much more importantly we need to recognise that coaching is a part of leadership not the other way around. If we focus too much on a coaching culture then we will lose the value of other leadership styles. She also identifies her belief that lots of senior managers already have the skill of coaching, the bigger issue is unlocking its use in hugely busy long days. This, she suggests, may be the real trigger for real change.

This interview is taken from the Cranfield Alumni Leadership on-the-go podcast series.

Duration | 19 mins  




About the Expert

Kim Lafferty is VP People Development at GlaxoSmithKline and currently undertaking a Doctorate of Business Administration at Cranfield University

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