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Video | Mindful leadership: Introduction and practice

By Cranfield School of Management
Mindful leadership practice is all about managing our own awareness and making decisions in the most productive way by staying psychologically open rather than judging the challenges we face prematurely. This learnable skill helps us uncover more opportunities, become more resilient, and lead more sustainably.


This effective playlist will take you on the journey to becoming a mindful leader; someone who can be more calm and confident, less anxious or defensive and make better judgement calls, for yourself and for the teams you lead.




About the Author

This curated playlist contains 14 different videos by Dr Jutta Tobias Mortlock, PhD, a social psychologist with over 20 years of work experience in organisational development and capacity-building in six countries on three continents; and Jenny Robinson, a specialist in emergent leadership and how this can be sustained in organisations as they prepare for future shocks, further ambiguity, hyper volatility.

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