Don't be afraid to show your emotions

By Dr Diana Theodores

Cry if you need to – why we shouldn’t be scared to show emotion in business

Crying and showing emotion in business can work in your favour and be positively inspiring.

Of course, there are a few situations where it might not serve you or your audience well (responding to feedback, interviews, or critical conversations about the next steps in your career), but in key situations, showing emotion can boost your career.

Presenting, giving motivational talks, pitching your vision as a leader, or coping with huge disappointment or failure all help to demonstrate the intensity of your passion or pain, and helps to create trust and share humanity.

In recent politics, we have seen a lot of emotional vulnerability. Labour MP Rosie Duffield cried as she spoke on domestic abuse in parliament, Theresa May broke down in her resignation speech, and MEP’s said goodbye to one another and cried in Brussels – all showing where emotion can create a powerful and touching situation. Barack Obama is an often-cited example of someone who uses emotion in his politics brilliantly. The more his eyes well up with tears, the more he is perceived as a powerful leader and orator.

Touching a core of vulnerability for a moment doesn’t mean you are having a meltdown! Showing your emotions, welling up, or even shedding some tears is a gift of compassion to yourself and to others. When you experience a moment of real fear about ‘losing control’ stop, breathe and take a moment to get centered – literally feel your feet connect to the ground, stand tall and make your exhalation twice as long as your inhalation.

Stop ‘obeying’ role models who believe vulnerability is off-limits in the boardroom and start getting your inspiration from those who model their full humanity. Drop your corporate mask, allow yourself to express emotion rather than damping it down, share your vulnerability rather than blockading it, and harness your animated, passionate, energised self.

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About the Author

Dr Diana Theodores is an international performance coach, Programme Director for the Impact and Influence programme and Director of Theatre 4 Business. She is author of bestselling Performing as YOU: how to have authentic impact in every role you play

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