Manufacturing on Mars

By Kassia Gardner

National Apprenticeship Competition

National Apprenticeship Competition, 22 May 2018, Cranfield University.

Apprentices in engineering and manufacturing technologies from all years are invited to work in teams from their institution and build models to demonstrate their innovative ideas for Manufacturing on Mars.

Apprenticeships are about designing, making and maintaining products (manufacturing) and making things work (engineering). This competition is open to apprentices from all UK manufacturing sectors, including: aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, oil and gas, food, furniture, glass and process industry. The competition will allow the teams to stretch their imagination and further develop their team working skills.

Manufacturing on Mars is becoming more topical and with NASA and individual industrialists suggesting that exploration and colonisation of Mars is feasible in the next two decades, consideration as to how manufacturing could be achieved is a key aspect.

Theme for 2018: Production of a multi-purpose vehicle/lab/workshop/habitat for exploration on Mars.

Competition dates and details

On the morning of 22 May 2018 each team will be required to bring their project to Cranfield University. Following the judging process three awards will be presented. Each award will have a monetary prize and a certificate for each team member.

The deadline for initial proposal submission is 15 January 2018. These proposals will be evaluated and successful applications will be invited to submit the full portfolio (by the 20 April) and model (22 May). Teams will be advised of the outcome of the initial evaluation by 22 January 2018.

The apprentice teams will be invited to display their projects at the National Manufacturing Debate taking place on the 23 May at Cranfield University following the competition.

The full task description, background on the competition and details from the past National Apprenticeship Competitions can be seen here:

For further information or any queries please contact
22 May 2018, Cranfield University



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