10 Essential Management Issues That Must Be Avoided

By Team BGP

We’ve worked with more than 700 senior managers in Small to Medium Sized businesses (SMEs) in the last few years, and found a number of issues common to all.  We would like to share our Top 10 with you.

The single, most important difference between successful businesses and also-rans is the quality of the senior team.  The skills shelf-life of new and experienced managers is becoming shorter and shorter.  If we don’t widen and deepen our management skills base our competitors will take our...

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Goal-setting Lessons From the Sporting World

By Dr Veronica Burke

In elite sport, a carefully managed goals strategy is very effective in enhancing performance – far superior to vague aspirations or no goals at all.

By paying attention to what works, we can translate much of what we understand from sport into a business context. Psychological research demonstrates that difficult, high-level goals prompt superior performance much more successfully than vague ‘do-your-best’ or no goals.

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Brexit – the View from Ambitious Owner Managed Businesses

By Carol Foussat


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Factors Affecting the Growth of Small Businesses

By Dr Muhammad Azam Roomi


There’s no doubt that one of the main objectives of any entrepreneur is to have their enterprise grow profitably. To achieve this, it is very important to understand the factors that contribute to growth.

There is a general consensus that growth in enterprises is a complex process, which is neither linearly continuous nor dependent upon only a limited number of factors. 

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The Importance of Getting the Right Business Plan

By Professor Andrew Burke

People may observe high-performing ventures that don’t have business plans and conclude, why bother to plan?

Business planning is a time-consuming exercise and any business has to weigh up the value that is generated from spending time writing a business plan versus simply going out there and trying to sell. This can be particularly beneficial when a venture is launching a product or service in a very uncertain market, where even after carrying out plenty of analysis, uncertainty still...

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Ten Lessons in Creating a Great Business

By David Molian

How do high achievers manage to create a great business out of merely a good business?

Cranfield studied the accounts of 15,000 independent UK businesses with turnovers between £1m and £50m over a four-year period.

The results? Many aspire, few achieve. Fewer than 2% of these businesses consistently grew sales and profits by 25% and provided a decent return on capital employed.

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