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Over my career I have taken business courses at Cranfield University, Stanford University and the London Business School (LBS).

In my opinion only one of them truly understood early stage business and the leadership credentials it takes to run one. That was Cranfield. I am not saying that Stanford and LBS were not excellent schools but they were almost entirely run by academics and attended by academic business people too.

Cranfield’s Business Growth Programme was different; it was built from the ground up for entrepreneurs rather than the top down and 100% of the attendees were entrepreneurs. The top down approach tends to use regurgitated MBA material.

So, what can these courses offer entrepreneurs and is it right for you?


Cranfield: Business Growth Program

This is a real “get it done” programme for early stage businesses and entrepreneurs. I would recommend businesses that have more than 20 employees and more than £3m in revenue attend this course.

My time at Cranfield taught me good basic discipline. It taught me the importance of financial control and it taught me to act bold, make difficult decisions and to think big. The course was bi-monthly for two days and three months in duration. The fee was £15,000 and worth every penny.


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