WEBINAR ON DEMAND | Insolvency: What owner-managers ought to know - 23rd April


All information was valid as of 15:30 on 23rd April 2020. Some of the information included will be based on the speaker’s opinion.


About this webinar

In the last couple of weeks, businesses in the UK have been completely shaken by the impact of COVID-19. How business owners respond to the challenges that they now face will be based on the nature of the business, their financial position and the financial assistance that the government can provide.

Richard Parsons, BGP Counsellor and Founder/ CEO of Stratifi and Paul Addison, Director of Haines-Watts, provided insights into all things related to Insolvency, focusing on the following topics:


  • Understand your options
  • Learn what’s possible
  • Create the best possible position
  • Vital don’ts and do’s
  • Protecting yourself


If you are interested in receiving further business support throughout these unprecedented times, please visit the BGP Response Hub and register for our upcoming events.



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