WEBINAR ON DEMAND | High Performing Teams in a Virtual World - 14th April


All information was valid as of 15:30 on 14th April 2020. Some of the information included will be based on the speaker’s opinion.


About this webinar

The BGP Response Team presented this webinar in collaboration with Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Ltd. Co-Founder and Olympic Gold Medallist, Ben Hunt-Davis, and Director of Consulting, Jamie MacPherson to provide our SME community with timely and relevant information to understand how to react to these unprecedented times.


Creating High-Performing Teams is the goal of any leader, but while many managers claim they have succeeded, it is a hard job to get it right. And that is even when the team is physically together all the time.

Ben Hunt-Davis knows how painful and long this journey can be and how many obstacles the team, the coach/leader and each individual has to go through to succeed finally. He and his team managed and were rewarded with the gold medal for the Rowing Men's Eight at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000.

Ben has spent the last 16 years specialising in leadership and team development and in 2012 he co-founded Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?, a performance consultancy which seeks to transform organisational performance through the adoption of elite sport principles and strategies. Ben and his team have a highly practical approach which focuses heavily focused on the application of performance habits, mindsets and beliefs. Their aim is to ensure that participants genuinely apply new ways of working and behave differently to achieve greater results.


The webinar covers top recommendations to help teams be consistently more effective in their day to day work. The session is a motivational yet practical look at the high performing habits that drive high performing teams in a virtual world.


If you are interested in receiving further business support throughout these unprecedented times, please visit the BGP Response Hub and register for our upcoming events.



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