Knowledge strengthens business strategy: a leadership insight from Cranfield management school

Strengthen your business strategy

How can knowledge management 
improve the strategic direction
of your organisation?

'The Smart Way to Share Knowledge'

In this article, Dr Catherine Bailey and Dr Martin Clarke – of Cranfield School of Management – look at the significance of encouraging, capturing and using knowledge to strengthen business strategy and inspire organisational change. 

This article will help you to:

  1. Understand the value of diverse opinion
  2. Learn how to capture and use it strategically
  3. Build a stronger business strategy

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"Businesses need a culture of knowledge management (KM) in which staff feel comfortable sharing ideas, knowing that there are systems in place to capture their thoughts, and people to turn them where possible into usable ideas that are relevant, credible and actionable."

The Authors

Dr Catherine Bailey and Dr Martin Clarke are directors at Cranfield School of Management. They are widely respected professionals in the sphere of business leadership.

Catherine works as a leadership development consultant internationally and acts as an executive coach for a number of business leaders and strategy making teams. 

Martin is currently engaged in activities including strategic organisational development, executive talent development, employee engagement and organisational change.

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