Cranfield management school offers leadership courses that aid management development and executive learning

Increase your leadership effectiveness with our executive education programmes


“The flagship programmes are practical and personalised to each individual in their own business context.”

David Butcher, Director of Centre for General Management Development

The Cranfield General Management Programme is just one leadership development course from our management school.
Develop your leadership effectiveness 

The Centre for General Management Development (CGMD) runs the highly respected executive education programmes within Cranfield School of Management. Thousands of managers from across the world have chosen our general management courses to develop their leadership effectiveness and drive their businesses forward. 

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Our programmes have lasting impact on companies all over the world.
Clients at our management school include BT, Diageo, Albo, Carlsberg, Maersk, Ericsson

“Participants learn how they can add greater value across their business and therefore how to contribute better to strategy implementation.”
Dr. Veronica Burke, Programme Director 


The courses will help you:

  • Use your personal capabilities and position to add value to your business
  • Develop an extra-industry perspective to innovate and develop your business 
  • Understand your leadership profile and how you can expand your influence

Start dates

Courses run through the year:

  • CTDP: March, June, November
  • CGMP: March, June, September, December
  • CADP: March, September
  • CDP: March, June, November

We look forward to helping you reach your leadership potential